I'm Philip Salmony M.Eng. (Cantab.) - a PCB and electronics design consultant, graduate of the University of Cambridge, and creator of educational engineering videos on YouTube.

My content includes topics such as:

  • Analogue and digital circuit design (MCUs, audio electronics, FPGAs, etc.),
  • PCB design (using Altium Designer, KiCad),
  • STM32 microcontrollers and embedded firmware,
  • Digital signal processing (e.g. real-time audio processing, digital filters),
  • Programming (e.g. custom flight simulators),
  • Sensor fusion (e.g. Kalman filters).

I am sponsored by JLCPCB (since Sept 2020) and Altium (since July 2021).


Feel free to check out the rest of this site to view engineering courses that I have developed, a selection of my engineering videos, as well as to book me for hardware design services.


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