I'm Phil Salmony M.Eng. (Cantab.) - an IPC CID-certified PCB and electronics design consultant, graduate of the University of Cambridge, and creator of educational engineering videos on YouTube.

My content includes topics such as:

  • Analogue and digital circuit design (MCUs, audio electronics, FPGAs, etc.),
  • PCB design (using Altium Designer, KiCad),
  • STM32 microcontrollers and embedded firmware,
  • Digital signal processing (e.g. real-time audio processing, digital filters),
  • Programming (e.g. custom flight simulators),
  • Sensor fusion (e.g. Kalman filters).


I am sponsored by PCBWay (since Oct 2022, previously JLCPCB from Sept 2020) and Altium (since July 2021). As of August 2022, I am also a technical consultant for Altium, where I create educational engineering videos for Altium's 'Altium Academy' YouTube channel, as well as articles for Altium's 'Resources' site.


Feel free to check out the rest of this site to view engineering courses that I have developed, a selection of my engineering videos, as well as to book me for hardware design services.


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